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SKU: ATAUD11 $1.92  
Corner Seal Pads (pair) Pair (1-11/16" x 2") of tapered frame corner seals. Peel and stick Q-lon material. Originals were a white pile material. Keep the dust and draft outside. Place at bottom of jamb legs by the door stop. Corner Seal Pads (pair)
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SKU: ATAUD9 $38.75  
Frame Weatherstrip Set Mid. 1980s bulb and fin design and improved construction replaces the original that utilized two fins and no bulb.(3) piece set of (2) legs and (1) head. Barb pushes into saw cut (kerf) in door frame. Beige in color. Bulb is .275 inch in diameter and flat edge is .550 inch long. Standard set fits center-hinged or single swing doors. French Classic (FC) sets are for double opening doors. Shipped in long rigid tube to prevent damage due to bending. For 6'8" or less tall center hinged or single swing doors up to 37" wide order the 3/0 X 6/8 sets. Sets for French Classic (double opening) and 8'0" tall doors also available. Other items typically ordered with this are Sweeps (door bottoms - ATAUD14) and Corner Seals - ATAUD11. Frame Weatherstrip Set
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SKU: ATAUD14 $14.99  
SWEEP-ADS1 Beige Vinyl Door Sweep (door bottom weather seal). Original had a barb that fit into a saw kerf on the door bottom. This improved flush mount replacement comes with installation instructions. Length can be cut down to accommodate other door widths. Purchase a 48" sweep if you have a 37" wide door and a 36" sweep if your door is 35" wide or less. Fits 1-3/4 inch thick door. SWEEP-ADS1
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SKU: ATAUD32 $4.80  
Adjuster-fastener Device Jamb jack used to install and adjust the door frame in the opening. Round plastic caps (ATAUD31) were used to cover the holes in the jamb. Adjuster-fastener Device
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SKU: ATAUD9AP $0.95  
Bulb Weather Seal Slipcoated TPE bulb weather seal with rigid kerf leg. .275" diameter bulb. Beige color. Sold by the foot. Please indicate desired lengths in comment section. Enter number of feet in quantity section. Bulb Weather Seal
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SKU: ATAUD10 $38.88  
Exterior Wood Glass Bead 4 pc set pine exterior retro wood glass stop for up to 37" wide door panel. Milled to original factory specifications (1982-1987) for 3/4" overall thickness insulated glass. Earlier glass was 1/2" and this stop will not fit that. A flat vinyl glazing bead was used between 1988 and 1990. This is not available and can be replaced with the wood glazing bead. Lengths are not precut to size or mitered. PLEASE INCLUDE VISIBLE GLASS WIDTH IN COMMENT SECTION OF YOUR ORDER. Exterior Wood Glass Bead
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SKU: ATAUD9AR $32.48  
Frame Weatherstrip Bulb and fin kerf style vinyl weatherstrip used on newer Atrium doors by Woodgrain/Ashworth. 1/2" diameter bulb. Similar but larger than ATAUD9 used by the original Atrium Door & Window Co. Three lengths per set. Frame Weatherstrip
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SKU: ATAUD9Q650 $32.48  
Frame Weatherstrip Kerf style door seal made of open-cell urethane foam core and clad in embossed polyethylene. Shipped in sets of three lengths (1 head and 2 legs). Frame Weatherstrip
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SKU: GRLPIN $6.60  
Grille Pins Window grid/grille retaining pins for securing removable grilles. Can be used with or without sleeves depending on thickness of the surround. Set of 6 pins and 6 sleeves. Two sizes available, 3/4" (long) and 5/16" (short) bodies with 1/4" pins. The original "L" shaped clear plastic clips are no longer available. These are used by several manufacturers for removable grilles. Grille Pins
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SKU: ATAUD 22 $13.75  
Heavy Duty Hinges (pair) Priced per pair (2 complete). Heavy Duty Steel Hinges, Plain Bearing 3-1/2" X 3-1/2" X 1/4" Radius, 3.1mm (0.130"-0.132") thick with screws. Available in several finishes. Original 6/8 tall Atrium Doors used 4 hinges (2 pair) and 5 hinges on the 8/0 tall doors. These fit the original wooden doors by the Atrium Door and Window Company and Atrium doors by Woodgrain Millwork that use standard non-adjustable hinges. Heavy Duty Hinges (pair)
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12 Items
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